CSV2SFAF is a SFAF-aware tool that transforms a spreadsheet that you Cut & Paste into SFAF record(s) according to your column mapping.

CSV2SFAF provides:

  • Free to use CSV to SFAF mapping tool
  • Nothing to install! Works completely in the browser.
  • Easily configure what columns to map to what fields
  • Understands the SFAF format

How to use CSV2SFAF.

  1. Cut & Paste your sheet into the interactive spreadsheet
  2. Map your columns to known SFAF fields
  3. Edit column descriptions and order
  4. Press the "map" button and view the results in the SFAF tab
Caveat! CSV2SFAF is very much a Work-In-Progress and currently only tested on Firefox.

Also, check out our SFAF2DB mapping tool on github.

Some of the features implemented:

  • Cut & Paste from Excel
  • Drag & Drop spreadsheet column mapping
  • Formatting as SFAF

Some of the features in progress:

  • Intelligent guessing of spreadsheet columns
  • SFAF validation and improved formatting
  • Provide clear pairing of SFAF lines to spreadsheet columns
  • Handle SFAF lists using multiple column or list mapping
There will likely be no data formatting support as that is task best left for more speadsheet specific tools. We will look into more robust spreadsheet support.


Step 1: Cut & Paste your spreadsheet data in the first cell below:

Step 2: Specify CSV columns to SFAF line element mappings

SFAF Column Types Available Columns in Spreadsheet that map to SFAF Column Types
Drag your SFAF columns in order from left to right.

Process your spreadsheet:

Step 3: View your SFAF records

Right click here to save the SFAF records